WATCH: There Are 7 HOLES in The Space Station

11 MAY 2015

If ever there was a Smarter Every Day video that makes you wish you had Destin's job, this would be it. In the episode above, not only does he meet THREE astronauts, but he meets the guy who shot this incredible footage of auroras from space, the guy who designed parts of the International Space Station that protect astronauts from the vacuum of space, and gets a special message from inside the Cupola - a European Space Agency (ESA) observatory module that's attached to the International Space Station (ISS)


First up is American chemical engineer and a NASA astronaut, Donald Petitt, who not only developed a device that could compensate for the movement of the ISS relative to Earth's surface, which meant orbiting astronauts could shoot higher resolution images of city lights at night, but he also invented the zero-g coffee cup - which meant astronauts no longer had to drink everything out of a straw. Imagine doing your job as an astronaut on the ISS, and then somehow finding time to be an inventor too. Amazing. And watch the video above to hear Petitt explain how the Cupola craft has so many holes.

Next astronaut Destin meets in the latest episode of Smarter Every Day is American chemical engineer and NASA astronaut, Barry Wilmore, who took command of the ISS late last year, and who was the lead engineer over the Cupola shuttle design 20 years ago. Destin gets access to his amazing hand-drawn designs, which you'll see in the video above.

And then, have you ever wondered what would happen if an astronaut favourited your tweet... from space? Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti gives us the most special tour of the Cupola shuttle you could ever hope for. Thanks to Destin for making it happen!