Despite the technological advances of the past 30 years (iPhones, Fitbit, Tinder), the trusty microwave has remained pretty much unchanged since it was first introduced back in 1967.

And although we appreciate its convenience and speed, when you think about it, it definitely has room for improvement. For example, how many times have you spent 15 minutes waiting to defrost a delicious frozen burrito, only to bite in to find that the centre is still frozen solid? Or tasted a piece of ravioli after just 30 seconds of heating to have your mouth scorched by lava-like ricotta? 

And what's with all that having to stir and check, stir and check, when you're heating up rice? Surely if we can land a spacecraft on a comet… well, you get where we're going here.

But Mark Rober, a design YouTuber, has come up with a pretty simple idea to fix all of these problems in one fell swoop, and for a low cost. And his whole idea relies on technology that's almost as old as the microwave itself - infrared cameras.

Watch the video above, as Rober explains how a simple combination of an infrared camera, display screen, some smart programming and a bluetooth or wifi connection could change the way you microwave forever. 

We have to admit, we're kind of sold. The only big question remaining is, who uses a microwave to cook bacon?

Source: Mark Rober