Snakes might have some mighty fangs to help bring their prey down, but those jabby little twin-spears won't do much when it comes to tearing apart big chunks of flesh and sinew. That's why snakes have to swallow their prey whole, which means if you're a big snake, you get big prey, if you're a tiny snake, sorry, but you have to stick to tiny prey. Except when you're the little snake in the video above, because it obviously didn't get the memo. 

Fortunately for it, snakes have incredibly flexible lower jaws, and while they don't dislocate them to fit their prey in, the two halves of the jaw are connected to their skull via a complex system of joints. This allows them to swallow prey that's larger in diameter than the snake itself. It then uses the bony lumps in its mouth - this snake doesn't have any teeth - to help break down the egg shell on the way down. 

Then it's time to wait for the digestion to happen. It'll be able to digest everything except whatever feathers the chick might have already developed in the egg, which it will poop out later.

My favourite bit is at the 1:13 mark, when the eyes tell you everything you need to know - there's no going back now.

Source: Digg