We get it. Sometimes animal names just happen.

When it's late Friday afternoon and you're the last zoologist at the office, that screaming, hairy armadillo you spotted this morning is now a screaming hairy armadillo. Press send, clock off for the week.

Zoology doesn't need to be so average, though. Especially if a number of zoos and aquariums had their way.

Imagine taking the kids to see a zombie squirrel. Or a barking fuzz potato. Surely your 13-year-old would put down that tattered Death Note manga to go see an emo horse!

Thankfully, the hashtag #RebrandASpecies kicked off to answer our prayers. We're not sure how it started, but we're super glad it did.

Not that we're holding our breath expecting these names to catch on.

And by sharing these, we're certainly not implying that you should start using them.

But we think San Diego Zoo has the right idea…

San Diego Zoo Safari Park would pull the crowds if the word got around they'd replaced cassowaries with these fellas.

Or how about another Australian critter, this one with a Harry Potter makeover.

I'd be so excited to go to the Tennessee Aquarium to see one of these.

Bring the whole fam to the Vancouver Aquarium for a Star Wars-themed touch pool!

Orcas might get more love if they had a different name, courtesy of Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The word nudibranch comes from the Latin 'naked gills'. Here's a much more PG option.

Oregon Zoo's night enclosure could be a whole lot cuter.

And finally, presenting Minnesota Zoo's rebranding of the tapir…

We're 100 percent on board.

And very glad the screaming hairy armadillo now has some friends.