This short animation explains beautifully how herd immunity works

Show this to anyone who asks why they need to get vaccinated.

16 hours ago
Australian scientists have designed a filter that removes arsenic from drinking water
17 hours ago
The blood of Komodo dragons could help us to slay antibiotic resistance
1 day ago
Scientists say induced hibernation could help us fight cancer in the future
1 day ago
One of the biggest myths about chronic fatigue syndrome just got debunked
3 days ago
New evidence suggests we were wrong about where our bodies get their microbes
8 days ago
"Superspreaders" caused more than 60% of infections during the Ebola epidemic

Just 3% of the infected spread most of the disease.

8 days ago
Hallucinations are far more common than we've been led to believe, study suggests

If you've experienced hallucinations, you're not alone.

9 days ago