You may have seen this past week that Discovery relaunched its global brand.

The promo for the rebrand, rolled out across social media and TV spots, features a medley of Discovery scenes, stars, and bad-ass nature shots, set to the Blue Swede song Hooked on a Feeling.

While the promo is pretty catchy, one feature has understandably struck people as bizarre. The promo essentially contains no prominently featured women, nor a great deal of diversity in general.

It culminates with Discovery's new tagline "The world is ours", turning the whole thing into a misogynistic slap in the face, with an aftertaste of Axe body spray. Not to even get started on the blatant anthropocentrism, parading our dominance over nature at a time when humans more than any other species ever have caused irreparable damage to the environment.

The full version of the campaign promo does contain a couple (literally, a couple) women, but overall the whole thing is a meaty shot of testosterone.

It's hard to watch it and not get the message that if you don't identify as a man - particularly the type of man who likes fishing and blowing things up - there's no place for you in the TV world of science, adventure, or exploration.

This is despite the fact that one 2018 advertiser sheet showed that many of Discovery's channels have a predominantly female viewership.

Of course, the internet was quick to jump on the issue - and Discovery, notably, still have not responded to the backlash.

But there is good news here! Inspired by the Discovery rebrand, a group of incredible female researchers have put together their own catchy promo, and we can't stop watching. 

You can follow the incredible women involved here:

Importantly, they flag that their beautifully crafted video definitely isn't a full representation of everyone in science - because #scienceisforeveryone.

Let's share it wide and hope it inspires a whole new generation of scientists and explorers from all backgrounds.