We've all had our fantasies of living under the sea, and while there's no sign of aquatic cities coming our way anytime soon, we can at least enjoy the work others do to share their experiences of the deep blue on a regular basis.

So if you've never done a deep dive on the best marine channels of YouTube, here's five to add to your lists to begin your seaborne subscription efforts.

Check them out below:

5. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, founded by David Packard of Hewlett-Packard fame, is a world leader in ocean science and education.

It's had a YouTube channel for nearly a decade, and it's filled with fascinating videos about the ocean life filmed by the aquarium's remotely-operated underwater vehicles, most of them wonderfully weird.

4. Octopodium

If you don't love octopuses, we don't understand what's wrong with you.

Most of us don't get to spend a lot of time with them, though, which is why the researchers at Walla Walla University's Onthank Cephalopod Physiology Lab document their adventures for the rest of us to enjoy.

With three videos a week, there's a lot of octopus to love.

3. Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is a public aquarium, and non-profit organisation dedicated to ocean science and the conservation and rehabilitation of marine animals.

Their YouTube channel mingles educational videos about the ocean and the human impact thereon, videos about the aquarium's research and activities, and videos of adorable baby sea otters.

Wins all round!

2. Oceanexplorergov

Oceanexplorergov is the official channel of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research – America's only federal program for exploring and understanding the ocean.

Its research vessel, the Okeanos Explorer, explores the deep sea, capturing on video the strange and mysterious inhabitants rarely seen by human eyes.

1. EV Nautilus

The Exploration Vehicle Nautilus is a research vessel operated by Robert Ballard's Ocean Exploration Trust.

You might know it from the above video, which went viral at about this time last year, but the channel is filled with incredible videos of wrecked ships and creepy-crawlies spotted on the seafloor.

Honourable mention: Bubble Vision

Bubble Vision is the YouTube channel of underwater photographer and videographer Nick Hope.

His videos are narrated with or accompanied by fascinating details about the marine life he films – his channel is like a series of bite-sized documentaries, perfect for a short break – if you can refrain from binging the entire channel in one sitting.