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Get a Personal Assistant For Your Email Account With MailButler

27 JAN 2017

We rely on email communication more than ever before, but let's face it, regardless of how many spam filters you put in place, or how religiously you unsubscribe from mailing lists, most of the time, our inboxes are pretty terrifying.

Which is why some clever tech developers have created MailButler - software that acts as a personal assistant for your Apple Mail email account.

No, it's not going to reply to your mum for you, but it will streamline your inbox folders, turn your emails into to-do items, and put your inbox into snooze mode so you can actually get some work done.

The program also allows you to monitor read receipts and undo accidental sends.

To help you get organised for 2017, we've teamed up with StackCommerce to offer a lifetime subscription to MailButler Professional at just US$34.99 for a limited time.

Unfortunately, the program is currently only applicable for people with Apple Mail.

Get started here.

Cost: US$34.99 for lifetime access (or US$14.99 for one year)

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