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Listen to Albert Einstein Talk, And Get Closer Than Ever Before to The Legendary Genius

Einstein is on Spotify!

16 AUG 2016

You know what he looks like. You've probably learned about his equations and scientific theories. But have you ever heard him speak?

Now you can rock out to the smooth, Germanic jams of Albert Einstein‘s voice. Spotify has released On Being Studio‘s vintage album titled "Albert Einstein in His Own Voice," which features seven Einstein originals.


You can listen to the wild-haired physicist spit out classics like E=MC2 and "The Common Language of Science."

The man who rewrote the laws of nature and revolutionised science is about to revolutionise your listening library as well, explaining his theories and general physics concepts in his own words, in his own inimitable voice.

You can click through to listen to the whole album on Spotify if you have an account, or hear a brief sample of Einstein’s voice below.

This article was originally published by Business Insider.

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