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WATCH: This Is The Crazy Supercomputer That Controls Formula 1 Cars

All hail our race car overlords.

16 JUN 2016

Our brains are constantly processing information while driving, but when it comes to Formula 1, it takes a supercomputer capable of processing 10,000 items 1 million times every single second to achieve the level of performance required on the track.

After spending the past six weeks breaking down the individual devices behind race cars' explosive power, in this video, extreme engineer Jimmy de Ville and science presenter Greg Foot take us inside the 'brain' of Formula 1, which pulls it all together.

And what better way to do that than by getting a regular human brain (AKA Greg) to control a real-life Go Kart race. The results are pretty incredible, and show just how many units need to come together to power Formula 1 cars up to speeds of almost 370 km/h (229 mph).

And we probably don't need to say this anymore, but don't try this at home.  

This story was sponsored by Honda Racing F1.

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