Merry Christmas - these are the GIFs that keep on giving. NASA has one of the greatest collections of historical images and video on the planet. It's also massive, so you'll never see it all in a lifetime.

But you can see a lot of 5 to 10-second grabs in the couple of hours you'll be glued to the space agency's new channel which just opened up on Giphy.

Here are some of the classic moments you can now watch on endless loop. Most also have a link if you want to follow them up for the bigger story.

Classic Moon landing:

Edgar Mitchell's moonwalk during the Apollo 14 mission:

Scott Kelly versus mini carrot:

Happy Mars crater:

67P lets off some steam:

Hatch goes up, hatch goes down:

Comet exploring Hedgehog robot:


Careful now with the US$10 billion telescope:

Techcrunch has counted at least 500 so far, with more outside the official channel easily found with the #nasagif tag.

Start exploring.

This article was originally published by Business Insider.