If you've been living under a rock these last few years, you might have missed the huge interest in the tiny computers called Raspberry Pi.

They are a tiny single-board computer which can be used for robotics, commercial and industrial products, and just has a huge range of cool applications.

Over 5 million Raspberry Pis have been sold, and used for everything from controlling robots to setting up an automatic task.

So what can you do with a Raspberry Pi once you've got one? Our ScienceAlert Academy deal for this week is on The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle.

Check out 8 awesome projects you can learn with this online course:

1. Learn how to start Bitcoin Mining – a relatively simple way of earning one of the world's fastest growing currencies.

2. Control your Christmas tree lights, set up a remote motion detection system you can deploy when you're away from home, or set your plants up to automatically water themselves when they are thirsty!

3. Design a motion sensor-based teddy bear that laughs when you wave your hand.

4. Use sensors to remotely display water temperature and alert you via email

5. Build a basic robot and control it entirely through Raspberry Pi. Our favourite is Peeqo the gif bot.

6. Implement the Internet of Things through Python programming to make remotely controlled devices – everything from your house lights, to your smart fridge.

7. Automate the process of turning a water pump on and off.

8.  Learn how to control AC appliances using a relay and Python programming.

Find out how to get started with all these projects here, and don't stress if you don't already have a Raspberry Pi to play with – we're selling a bundle pack at this link.

And just as a bonus, put in the code GIFTSHOP15 at the checkout and receive an extra 15 percent off the Raspberry Pi kits.

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