Do your walls look a little drab and lifeless? There's hundreds of ways to spice up your walls, but no better way to illustrate your personality than with a wall ornament with personal significance.

As science geeks, we can't help but recommend a Strellas Personalized Star Map, which lets you decorate your walls with something uniquely yours; you can build your own star map for $38 in our store.

You can create your Personalized Star Map using Strellas' in-browser customizer. This will allow you to choose the date, time, and location of the stars overhead. The illustration depicts major stars, planets, and even constellation tracings using the NASA Astronomical Data Center's star catalog.

Additionally, you can customize the labels underneath to your liking. Strellas offers its maps in five color schemes: Deep Space Blue, Cosmic Latte, Navy, Black Hole, and Supernova. What might you commemorate with a star map?

Your First Child

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Some tales from cultures past claimed that every time a new life came into the world, a star would appear in the sky above.

Obviously, we know this isn't actually the case, but aligning your child's birth with the heavens above can be a great way to relive this joy. Strellas' service can identify the stars above the hospital your child was born in.

Your Anniversary

Your star-crossed romance wasn't so star-crossed when you finally tied the knot! The stars were aligned in a uniquely special way on your wedding day, so commemorate the milestone with a personalized map.

Or, if you're struggling to find gifts for wedding season, this makes a creative gift with a personal touch.

Graduation Season

It's graduation season all over the world, so what better way to celebrate your newly graduated friend's or loved one's accomplishments than with a star map depicting the exact date, time and location they received their diploma.

You can better emphasize the end of their journey with a star map for their first day of school, which will show how much the stars above them shifted during their growth.

Strellas Personalized Star Maps typically run for $55, but you can find them for $38 in the ScienceAlert Academy store, or 55% off.

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