We've all come to love the user-friendly DIY electronics platform that is Raspberry Pi.

With its gentle learning curve and intuitive visual programming language, hobbyists, students, and professionals alike have been able to open up a world of Internet of Things (IoT) possibilities, ranging from robots to games, tools, and more.

This 37 Sensors Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi lets you expand your Raspberry Pi horizons and create even more sophisticated inventions, and it's on sale today for US$79.99.

Featuring 37 newly-designed sensor modules for tighter, more convenient wiring, this starter kit provides you with a myriad of components to build more ambitious Raspberry Pi creations.

Even if you're still getting your feet wet in the Raspberry Pi fundamentals, this collection includes schematic diagrams for each module to give you a more in-depth understanding of how the module works, so you won't get overwhelmed.

A Specific Fritzing image is drawn for each module, so you can let your creativity flow and make your own designs as you get more comfortable with the platform.

Plus, Raspberry Pi's visual programming language allows you to learn and write code faster and smarter while enhancing your DIY tech skills.

This kit also Includes instructions for 35 projects, ranging from auto-flash LEDs to rain detection and tracking sensors, and more, so you'll have plenty of ways to flex your inventive muscles while fostering core skills in programming and electronics.

Whether you're looking to pick up a new hobby or elevate your technical know-how, this collection is a solid stepping stone. The 37 Sensors Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi normally retails for US$98.99, but it's available today at a special sale price.

You can pick up your own kit today for US$79.99, saving nearly 20 percent off the usual retail price.

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