The world of wine is vast, and it seems like there are more wineries out there than grapes in a vineyard. As such, finding that perfect bottle of vino can feel like a nightmare.

And, while asking your friends for recommendations can help refine the process, you can't always rely on their tastes to match your own.

So, why not let data do the matching for you? Services like Spotify and Netflix already use artificial intelligence to match their users with music and TV - content that can be just as nuanced as a bottle of Merlot - and they do so with great effect.

Now, Bright Cellars is applying that concept to wine with their unique wine-pairing algorithm, which matches members to their ideal wines by having them take a simple quiz.

Members start by answering easy questions, like 'what is your favorite type of chocolate?' and 'how do you take your coffee?'.

Bright Cellars algorithm evaluates 18 taste attributes against the user's quiz responses, resulting in the top four wines they're most likely to enjoy.

From there, the users' four wine matches are sent directly to their door. They're encouraged to rate them after tasting, in order to fine-tune their profile to select the absolute best matches every month.

Bright Cellars also follows an intensive selection process for the wines they send their members, choosing only one out of every 12 bottles they sample.

The club has two Sommeliers on staff who focus on finding unique wines from small vineyards all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, and South America.

If you're interested in putting Bright Cellars' algorithm to the test, you can try their quiz out for yourself on their website. They're even offering readers 50 percent off their first shipment when you use the link here.

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