Bogged down with geo-restrictions, ISP-imposed firewalls, and the threat of being hacked, the average Web user doesn't have much to celebrate when surfing online.

However, in the age of VPNs, anyone can take their browsing freedom back and surf the Web without restriction.

Whether that means streaming Netflix overseas or just scrolling through Facebook without the government breathing down your neck, VPN Unlimited gives you the protection needed to surf without restriction, and lifetime plans are on sale for US$39.99 today.

For the uninitiated, VPNs effectively funnel all of your browsing traffic through an encrypted tunnel, keeping your movements private and preventing hackers, trackers, or shady government agencies from peeking in.

In addition to protecting your privacy, VPNs also mask your browsing location, allowing you to slip past those pesky geo-restrictions that keep you from accessing streaming sites overseas.

Securing all of your traffic, VPN Unlimited keeps your browsing movements under wraps on up to five devices at a time.

That way, you can safely and freely surf on your laptop, phone, tablet, and two other mobile devices of your choosing. VPN Unlimited also offers full bandwidth capacity at all times, allowing you to protect your privacy without compromising your browsing speeds.

VPN Unlimited boasts 400+ servers in 70+ locations and also offers a special obfuscation feature designed for users with highly-restricted internet, like China, the UAE, and Russia.

Whether you're looking to keep your browsing to yourself or access parts otherwise restricted to you, VPN Unlimited has you covered.

A lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited normally retails for US$499.99, but you can sign up today for US$39.99, saving more than 90 percent off the usual price.

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