As the holidays approach, we're all feeling a bit burnt out and defeated by the mess that was 2016.

But the good news is that it's not too late to end the year on a high note, by signing up for the ultimate Scientific Essentials Bundle, and learning something new before New Year's Eve.

The bundle of seven complete courses takes you through the science of the world around you, and helps you understand how it works - from game theory and neuroscience, to physics and the basics of computer programming.

One of the highlights is the fourth course in the bundle, Cause and Effect: 25 Famous Experiments that Changed the World, which takes you on a scientific history lesson through the most important scientific breakthroughs our time, including the discovery of oxygen, Pavlov's now-famous dog, and the origins of the Doppler Effect.

Because we know you guys are as nerdy and keen to learn new things as we are, we've partnered with Stack Commerce to bring you the bundle of all seven courses on ScienceAlert Academy for the special price of US$42.

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Length: 41 hours

Cost: US$42

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