It's no secret that the entire science world - ourselves included - was freaking out on Thursday when physicists announced that they'd finally (finally!) detected gravitational wavesTo be fair, you're probably sick of hearing about the ripples in spacetime by now, so we're going to spare you the back story on why the tiny "heartbeats of the Universe" are so important to science (you can read about it here if you're still interested).

But even if you're fatigued on the scientific euphoria, what you don't want to miss out on are the adorable and hilarious reactions from scientists around the world in the hours following the announcement. Because if there's one thing that's almost better than a history-making astrophysical announcement, it's seeing some of the smartest people on the Internet respond.

We've collected 9 of our favourite reactions from the Internet, in no particular order. Although, who are we kidding, Curiosity Rover is always going to be our favourite, closely followed by the new gravitational wave Twitter account. Enjoy, and remember that behind every great scientific advance are thousands of super talented people whose hard work just paid off. It's a good day for science!

9. All the physicists doing the gravitational wave chirp

That's how people are describing the noise that the gravitational wave signal made (this is what it actually sounded like), and naturally #chirpforLIGO became a thing.

8. That time Einstein dropped the mic on the physics world

"I hate to say I told you so, but…" 

7. When Sarcastic Rover said what we were all thinking

6. When even Obama got into it

5. All the proud scientists giving us all the feels

You did it guys, you did it!!

4. This tapestry

3. When someone broke the embargo with a cake 

2. When some people were just speechless

1. And last, but definitely not least, that time that a gravitational wave got its own Twitter account!

Turns out, gravitational waves are witty as hell.

Also, here's a bonus tweet for those of you still in need of an awesome Valentine's Day card. Don't say we never do anything for you!