It's usually not a good start to the day when you log into Facebook and see a video called, "Vaccines DO cause autism" going viral. But in this case, 12-year-old Marco Arturo has used the sensationalist headline to troll anti-vaxxers in the most spectacular fashion. Want evidence that vaccines cause autism? Oh just you wait, he's got a whole folder of it for you.

Mexican-born Arturo has a whole Facebook page devoted to science and, within a couple of days, his video had already received more than 1 million views, which he adorably explained is "more than the population of Bahamas, Belize, Greenland, Monaco, Bermuda, and Dominica combined. Spread the world of science!" 

It's now been watched more than 6 million times.

In the short clip, he tells his followers that he's done his research and found out that "We've all been lied to by doctors and pharmaceutical companies about vaccines."

He then holds up a folder labelled "Evidence that vaccines cause autism" (with a pretty boss hand-drawn syringe on it, we might add) and tells viewers that he's going to go through page by page and break down the research for them.

But when he opens it up to start his take-down of medical science, it turns out that every single page is blank. What's going on? "I think it might be because there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that vaccines are linked to autism in any way whatsoever," says Arturo. Boom.

He then goes on to destroy the "It's my children, it's my choice" argument and explains why it's so important for all children to be protected against potentially fatal diseases.

We can't say too much more without giving it all away, but make sure you watch right until the end, because that closing is pretty much the best thing we've seen online since the "Obama out" mic drop.

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, anti-vaxxers haven't responded well to his next-level troll, and Arturo has been receiving some serious hate messages on his Facebook page ever since. As we've learnt first-hand, that's always hard to deal with, no matter how much the science backs you up.

For what it's worth, Arturo, we think you're awesome - keep on fighting the good fight.