It seems like everyone wants to become a science communicator these days, but no one does it quite so adorably as five-year-old Oliver, who nailed this hilarious video on tornadoes. My faith in the future has officially been restored. 

According to Oliver's dad, who posted the video to Reddit over the weekend, Oliver wanted to make science videos "since he learned to talk".

This is his first attempt, and he talks viewers through how to make tornadoes in a jar, with vinegar, water, and "dish wash liquid", as well as explaining a little bit about the science of real-life tornadoes.

It also contains one of the best closing lines in a video since this 12-year-old trolled anti-vaxxers: "Science, science, I'm done."

But as adorable as the video is, a lot of people are calling Oliver's parents out on Reddit, accusing them of feeding him lines and pushing Oliver to make videos in order to make money - and with more almost 800k views so far, that's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Oliver's other videos on his channel also have nothing to do with science, which makes the story his dad posted to Reddit a little suspicious. 

But his dad responded by saying that, other than the closing line, they didn't tell him what to say. 

"These videos are all his idea and all we do is stand by to help and upload them. My best friend who I've been making videos with for years does the editing and camerawork, and I ask Oliver questions so he can explain what he's doing," he wrote on the Reddit feed.

"It's a great way to keep him busy during the summer, and we'll keep making videos as long as he enjoys it. If he ever says its no longer fun, then that's it."

Either way, the video is hilarious to watch and, if nothing else, will hopefully show people that you can get involved in science and start experimenting no matter how old you are.

Let's just hope Oliver really did get a deeper understanding of tornadoes - and enjoyed himself - in the process.