Many people grow up dreaming of being an astronaut, but when they do, we're pretty sure they're not fantasising about being crammed into a tiny spacecraft with two other people in full space suits.

But in this European Space Agency (ESA) image, these astronauts look like they're still having a pretty good time.

On the left there's ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, then Roscosmos cosmonaut Max Suraev in the middle, and on the right NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman. This image was taken around November 3rd, when the team was testing their Sokol seats and the Soyuz spacecraft that would take them home for any leaks.

Grest commented on the image: "R-5: Leak check passed. The Soyuz TMA-13M crew is ready for the flight home after a very successful ISS Expedition."

One week later, on November 10th, the researchers hurtled back to Earth safely in this same arrangement.

Source: ESA