The YouTube description on the video above, filmed by extremely-brave volcano photographer Kawika Singson, kind of says it all. You really can't get a camera any closer to lava than this, unless you stick the camera into it.

Which means that you're never going to get a better view of red-hot lava dripping into the ocean and forming new land as it cools - at least, not if you want to live to tell the tale. And it looks truly spectacular.

The video was filmed using a GoPro on the southern shore of Hawaii's Big Island, where the Kilauea Volcano has been constantly erupting since 1983.

The footage is part of a series that Singson filmed on the island in 2013, and to capture it, he had to position himself between the land and the dripping lava - and insanely dangerous spot to be, particularly with rough seas common around the coastline.

"It was extremely difficult to get to," Singson told The Huffington Post. "The videos can only show you so much, but to actually be there, to feel the heat… The heat is one thing, but the gases are extremely toxic."

But, at least in my opinion, it was worth it. The only thing potentially cooler is seeing someone cook a steak with lava. I mean, how often do you get to watch new land being formed right in front of your eyes, not to mention the surprisingly slow drip of the mesmerising lava. BRB, I'm off to play it again.

Sources: Kawika Singson, The Huffington Post