The leaf-like insect featured in this video made by YouTuber Precarious 333 is an adult male Giant Texas Katydid (Neobarrettia spinosa). Males can be up to 45 millimetres in length, and females can grow up to 52 millimetres. The species is very good at jumping, with feet that stick to almost anything - ideal for getting a grip on prey.

They are mostly active at night, and in this video we see the insect lazing around on the tree. If you listen carefully you can hear the insect chirping to attract females - a sound that's made by rubbing its legs and wings together.

Perhaps what's most intriguing is the way the insect breathes. Unlike us, the Giant Texas Katydid breathes through tiny holes all over its body called spiracles. Spiracles line the exoskeleton of the insect, allowing air to enter the respiratory system through the trachea, which act as portals to tracheal tubes - the insect's 'lungs'. The intricate system of tubes deliver oxygen to the insect's tissue cells, and expel carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere through certain spiracles located towards the rear of the insect. 

This charming little insect has definitely got our attention, and next on our playlist is a video of him devouring a worm. 

Sources: io9, precarious333