The aptly named Over The Top is a world-record 17 by 17 by 17 Rubik's Cube, created by Oskar van Deventer. First presented at the 2011 New York Puzzle Party Symposium, the hefty cube holds the Guinness World Record for the largest available Rubik's Cube puzzle, and it costs almost $600 to own.

But, really, what's the point when you can just watch Kenneth Brandon, aka RedKB on YouTube, solve it within minutes thanks to the timelapse above. Or you could play the full version below and be entertained mildly amused through your entire work day.

"The way you solve a 17 by 17 is just like you would a seven by seven, or a five by five. If you can solve one of those then the 17 by 17 isn't that hard, but it is very, very tedious," says Brandon in the timelapse video. "The way I'm solving it is using the 'reduction method', and basically you reduce the cube into a three by three, and then you solve the three by three."

So he solves the centre of the cube, and then he reduces, or solves, the edges so that the end result is just a big three by three Rubik's Cube with a huge centre and long, skinny edges. 

It took Brandon five days to come up with the solution. He started by solving the red centre, then the orange centre, which is its opposite, and the rest of the centres before moving out to the edges.

"By far, the hardest part about solving a 17 by 17 is to find the piece you're looking for," says Brandon. "When you're looking for a little piece near the centre of the puzzle, you can easily mistake it for ones right next to it. So you have to be real careful to count, like, 'four over and six down', and make sure that you're looking for that piece."

James Vincent from The Verge checked, and there doesn't appear to be a world record for solving this type of Rubik's cube yet. 

Watch Brandon's entire, 7.5-hour effort below, and click here to watch a robot made from LEGO set the special 'robots-only' record for solving a regular-sized Rubik's cube.

Source: The Verge