Got some powdered sugar and kitty litter just lying around? Sure, there are some more practical uses for both of those things, but let's add some potassium nitrate to the mix and blow it all sky-high.

There's a special place in YouTuber Grant Thompson aka the King of Random's heart for rockets made from innocuous, everyday objects. First he tried making a rocket out of pool noodles and F-class rocket motors, but those motors cost $17 each, which pretty much nudges it into serious hobby territory, and most of us aren't really ready to make that kind of commitment to the practice of blowing stuff up.

But what if you could use some plain old powdered sugar and a little bit of potassium nitrate to create a homemade pyrotechnic mixture that can launch a rocket over 700 metres (2,300 feet) into the air? The other components in Thompson's 'sugar rocket' are kitty litter - which is basically just bentonite clay - PVC tubing and some oak dowel. And you're gonna need a blender you're not too worried about destroying a little bit… 

Watch the video above to find out how you can construct this awesome little homemade rocket, complete with a built-in time delay and a parachute ejection charge.

Source: The King of Random