Today is the 81st birthday of primatologist, ethologist and all-round life role model Dame Jane Goodall, and to celebrate, we're re-watching one of our favourite interviews ever between her and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, during which she tells him she doesn't like him and comes up with one of the best chimpanzee names ever.

Goodall's love of animals first took her to Africa in 1957, where she met with famed palaeontologist, Louis Leakey, with the hopes of working as his secretary. At the time she had no degree, but Leakey saw potential, and sent her back to London to study primate behaviour. Three years later, at just 26, she moved to the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania to begin a world-first study of chimpanzees. Fifty-five years later the project is still ongoing.

Her research not only pioneered our current understanding of primate behaviour, but she was the first to controversially suggest that our ape cousins could develop and use their own tools, had personalities, and also that they, like us, have a violent side.

So happy birthday, Dame Goodall, and thank you for all the knowledge. We promise not to dress any chimps up in hats.

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