So it's news to no one that our brains are pretty complicated, but did you know that we have two very distinct ways of processing information as we come across it? In the episode of AsapSCIENCE above, we learn about 'fast thinking' and 'slow thinking' the fun way - by completing a series of brain tests that demonstrate how our brains conserve a whole lot of effort where needed, but in the process, this can lead to some rather ridiculous assumptions.

For example, do you know how many animals Moses took on the arc? If you said, "Lol none, you idiot, that was Noah," congratulations! You're a quicker thinker than most people. If you tried to count every species of animal before doubling it, sorry, but your brain just demonstrated some classic 'fast thinking'.

"Our brain invests as little resources as necessary, so that things run quickly and smoothly," says AsapSCIENCE in the video above. "Because Moses is not abnormal in the Biblical context, system one unconsciously detects an association between "Moses" and "arc", and quickly accepts the question."

Just wait till you see how quickly and easily your brain creates assumptions about certain statements and scenarios without you even knowing it's happened. It's, well, pretty mind-boggling. And the best way to limit these effort-saving, but often incorrect assumptions? Being aware of it. Watch AsapSCIENCE above to test our your fast and slow thinking so you'll know it when your brain is doing it.

Source: AsapSCIENCE