WATCH: This Guy Used 1,000 Bedbugs to Give Himself a Tattoo

17 JUNE 2016

If you had to dream up the weirdest, most obscure thing someone could do to their own body, letting 1,000 hungry bedbugs feed on your bare arm in the shape of a bunny rabbit is right up there. It looks alright 24 hours later, but when the hives and welts set in, hooo boy, we're glad we're not this guy.


In the video above, YouTuber Johnny Fedora tips a jar of 1,000 or so bedbugs onto a rabbit-shaped stencil on his arm, and lets them go to town for a good 2 to 3 minutes. No one is as chill as this guy about having so many tiny insect mouths on his skin. He's even pumped to see how fat some of them got.

Fortunately, it wasn't all just for that sweet bunny tattoo with the little cotton tail (because seriously, just get a regular one, ffs). He's feeding the hungry bedbug colony because they're being used to train a bedbug-sniffing beagle called Bob. 

As the video explains, hotels use bedbug-sniffing dogs because bedbugs can be extremely difficult to detect otherwise, and bedbugs in a hotel is seriously bad news. The problem with these insects is you probably don't even know you have them, because their bites are usually so spaced out on your body, and they aren't painful or itchy enough to wake you up.

So you could stay in a hotel with bedbugs, get them caught up in your pjs, carry them home in your suitcase, and surprise! Now your bed has bedbugs too. Congrats. Hope that hotel wasn't an expensive one.


Most people don't react to bedbug bites, but in some cases, they can lead to skin irritations from scratching, or severe allergic reactions if you're really unlucky. Johnny Fedora reveals what that looks like in the video above, because after 2 hours, the bunny rabbit looks alright, but soon the whole area has swelled up like a disgusting, red balloon.

About 48 hours after the bites, things get really gross, with the bunny shape now covered in puss-filled blisters. "You gotta remember that this is atypical for a single bedbug bite, but when you've got 1,000 or so on you at one time, you get this nice, blistered appearance," he says.

Watch the footage above to find out what happens after 72 hours, and let's just hope Bob nails his training quickly, because I don't know how many blistery tattoos I could take in the name of science.

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