Anyone who's been stuck in traffic will be very familiar with all the exhaust fumes being spewed out by cars. But those are just regular cars - when it comes to Formula 1, these cars are blasting out fumes at a scorching 1,000 degrees Celsius, and wasting a whole lot of energy in the process.

But what if you could harness that heat to make your car even more powerful? That's exactly what a device called the MGU-H does, as extreme engineer Jimmy de Ville and science presenter Greg Foot demonstrate in the video above.

So how much of a boost can the MGU-H give a Formula 1 car? Well, in a glorious, Michael Bay-worthy display, Jimmy and Greg show off the explosive power by strapping 750 rockets onto a giant, spinning turbine wheel.

Impressed? Now try to wrap your tiny human brain around the fact that this is happening inside a race car's engine EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

All we can say is whoa (and please don't try this at home). Respect.

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