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WATCH: The First Video of a Great White Shark Sleeping

Being an apex predator is hard work. 

29 JUN 2016

Even the terrifying great white shark - the scariest fish in all the seven seas - drifts off to slumberland now and then. But, until recently, nobody had ever seen Jaws sleep.


Discovery Channel has shared a clip from one of the new shows in this year’s Shark Week, Jaws of the Deep, which includes the first-ever footage of a great white shark sleeping.

The shot, which was filmed by a robotic submersible, reveals that great whites never stop swimming even as they snooze. They slow down and cruise in a trance-like state because if the shark ever stopped, water wouldn’t pass through its gills and it would be unable to breathe. There are some species of sharks that can breathe without swimming, but the great white isn’t one of them.

Check out the footage - which proves that not everyone looks like a perfect little angel when they sleep, below.

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