It's all fun and games until a kangaroo kicks you in the stomach.

In the suburbs of Australia, the trouble makers picking fights on your block can sometimes be kangaroos. This awesome video shows just how powerful these marsupials really are, and how fierce they can be (all to the tune of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, appropriately).

So why are these two eastern grey kangaroos going to town on each other in a suburban street? This behaviour isn't actually that unusual. Although male kangaroos live together in "mobs" with other males, they often pick fights over a prime drinking spot, or a female in oestrus. Juvenile males also play-box for practice.

And although kangaroos may look cute and cuddly, the fights can get pretty vicious. Their forearms aren't that powerful, and a lot of the jabs and slaps look pretty comical, but it's the kicking you have to look out for.

Kangaroos can't actually walk backwards very well, but they are able to lean back on their powerful tails, which they use like a fifth leg, and kick out with their hind legs. These hind legs are extremely strong, and allow the marsupials to reach speeds of over 56 kilometres an hour and bound 9 metres in a single hop.

Not only do those kicks deliver all of that power directly to their opponent's stomach, the kangaroos also have a fourth toe with a long claw on it, just to make things even more interesting.

One thing's for sure, we wouldn't want to get in the middle of a kangaroo tussle. And they're not the only cute Australian marsupial to throw down - koalas have also been caught on camera doing some pretty vicious fighting.

Sources: ABC News, Rodney Langham