We humans like to make a big deal of things - climate change, new viruses, the death of our favourite TV characters (guilty). But this glorious video is here to remind you that the Universe is actually a pretty simple place, and can be explained in its entirety in less than 4 minutes. And all that bullsh*t you're feeling bad about today doesn't even get a mention, so just chill out, okay?

Sure, this efficient breakdown of everything that exists, ever, by YouTuber exurb1a might be totally unenthusiastic and even a little bit sexist at times (dude, get over your ex girlfriend already), but it's also hilarious and surprisingly insightful. Who would have thought that the Universe and all the physics that govern it actually kind of make sense?

The whole thing starts with the "Tyrion Lannister of physics", also known as the Planck Length, which is the smallest thing you can sensibly talk about (as far as we know). Then we meet the subatomic particles, including neutrinos, a bunch of quarks, before making our way on to atoms. All in the first 25 seconds.

From there you'll get to know most of the usual suspects - the periodic table, the four forces of physics, and the Standard Model.

But by that point we're already a minute and a half down so we'd better move on to life, and I don't want to give too much away about this one, but let's just say you'll never be able to say DNA in your head again after watching.

Then we've got cells, tissues, the human species, and all that good stuff that makes up our world. Zoom out a little further, and you're looking down at Earth. Hello, you're at the halfway mark, and we've just made it into space.

Next up, exurb1a takes us through our Solar System and its eight planets (sorry Pluto) before explaining the Sun's impending rage quit and the big black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

From here, things get really interesting, because there's a whole Universe out there to explore and, guess what, we haven't even got started on time or those little starry wombs called Nebulae.

So sit back, relax, and check out the video above to give yourself a thorough rundown of our Universe. By the end of it you'll feel much more knowledgeable, and will fully grasp how little our tiny, insignificant lives matter. Trust me, it feels good.