To celebrate April Fool's Day, Google Maps has turned your whole city into a giant game of Pac-Man, and we're already predicting that not much work is going to get done today.

To access Pac-Man mode, zoom into any area on Google Maps with a lot of streets, and then hit the Pac-Man view on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and start munching away at all those pellets.

We tried playing in Sydney, but its hectic layout proves difficult for Pac-Man to navigate, so we recommend starting with a grid-like city such as Melbourne or New York. You can also play on the Google Maps mobile app, but the game is only available in a few, iconic locations that it's revealing through a series of clues.

And if you think wasting half your morning playing an old arcade game in the streets of your hometown is a bad idea, you'd be wrong, because science has shown that video games can help you learn faster, become more socialised and that Pac-Man, specifically, can help improve adults' visual skills.

Pac-Man has even been used to show computers how to teach skills to other computers, which is a major challenge in artificial intelligence

So rest assured that running away from ghosts and nomming pellets is definitely a worthy use of your time. Now stop reading this and go and play for yourself. After all, April Fool's only comes once a year.